Sunday, February 12, 2012

Android Maze and The Solution To Aleph Maze

Maze of the android robot. This maze is a recreation of the android robot, but as an optical illusion maze. The rights to this image are open under the creative commons. 3.0 attribution license which basically allows you to use their concept, as long as you attribute to that on the image clearly. The maze artist felt that in this scenario, it would be best to put that attribution at a can't-miss location smack dam in the middle of the robots chest, so as to avoid any ambiguity clauses. As with all Yonatan Frimer mazes, you enter in the upper left corner, and exit in the lower right. The maze is designed to work in both directions, so for those geniuses that begin at the end of the maze, we got surprises for you too.

If you are not able to solve the android maze, then have a look at the solution to the android maze and the next maze, the Square in Circle in Square Maze

The solution to the previous maze, The Aleph Maze is:

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